A Time to Meditate

Palm Shores Behavioral Health now offers a meditation club for residents!

It might sound odd at first –  meditation in a residential treatment center – with children ?

According to Adam Curl, Director of Risk Management and Performance Improvement, “Many reasons prompted me to start the club and teachings. I have taught meditation to both children and adults in the past.”

He continues by saying, “These experiences gave me the confidence that anyone who is invested in the practice can and will receive emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits. Seeing and experiencing those moments of healing and joy inspired me to share the practice with the children.”

Adam began teaching meditation in an acute care facility in Illinois. Now, at Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center, children have and continue to display excitement about the club, which meets every Wednesday afternoon. Our children eagerly anticipate weekly and have even been incorporating the skills in the milieu.

Adam says that for the children, the Meditation Club offers, “an opportunity to relax in a quiet undisturbed environment and learn effective coping skills.”

Having the opportunity to incorporate clinical and holistic strategies within the treatment process promotes a well-rounded program with numerous strategies that can aid in reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, focusing on the present, and more.

With the help of Adam the club has been a success. We are all thankful for Adam’s knowledge, experience and his willingness to share.