Frequently Asked Questions

How are behaviors rewarded and/or managed while in treatment?

  • Palm Shores uses a phase system to monitor patient’s progress in areas such as group participation, social interactions, and behavior. Phase advancement indicates progress in treatment, and includes gradually increasing responsibility and privileges.

How are children’s educational needs met while inpatient?

  • Palm Shores education is accredited through the Manatee County School District.  Each teacher is certified and licensed under the Florida Department of Education and all classes/grades are transferable to the patient’s home school.

What is the policy for calls and visitation with patients?

  • Family communication and involvement is highly encouraged and important for the growth and treatment of our patients.  Visitations are encouraged and scheduled up to 3 times per week (siblings and extended family are also approved for visitation). Once a month, there is a support and education program for families where refreshments are also provided.
  • Phone calls are also encouraged – children are guaranteed 2 call days per week. Families are also provided two additional scheduled phone calls and approved for calls and as needed.  Please contact the Admissions Department regarding further questions about phone calls.

Can children have personal items?

  • Yes, as long as approved by the Admissions Department and Facility.

Visitation and Family Passes

  • The family is encouraged to maintain consistent visitation and involvement during the patient’s treatment, including periodic visits for family therapy sessions and family group education.  As treatment progresses therapeutic family assignments will be important to the success of the patient’s transition for their discharge planning.