Intensive Inpatient Psychiatric Program

Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center offers a full continuum of care for children and adolescents including behavioral, emotional and psychiatric interventions as well as Manatee County School Board supported education.  Our treatment philosophy is based on trauma informed care principles and offers distinct progressive phases of care.

The phase system of behavior management is specifically designed to return the child to the family or community environment with the coping skills necessary to make safer and more productive choices in their lives.  Through substantial investments we have created an environment of care that incorporates cutting-edge safety measures while yielding a comfortable, normative experience for our patients during their stay. The attention to our environment of care and culture is mirrored by our clinical programming.  We utilize evidence-based best practice in our therapeutic milieu, including cognitive behavioral therapies, trauma resolution, and motivational interviewing. Clinical ratings are consistently above average for patient improvement in significant areas that are targeted as problems requiring residential treatment.

Treatment services include individual, family, group, certified behavior analyst services, meditation club, peer/community groups, culinary club, therapeutic drumming (DrumMagic) and expressive therapies, each individualized to the specific child’s strengths and needs. Psychiatric, Medical, and Nursing care is delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week with face-to-face contact with the child’s psychiatrist weekly.

At Palm Shores we also provide on-site academic instruction for our children with highly qualified, certified ESE teachers. Educational assessments are conducted upon admission to tailor the material and teaching methods to each child’s specific needs. This educational experience is enhanced through computer-based curriculum and credits offered are transferrable to the child’s home school after treatment is complete.

Palm Shores treats a variety of psychiatric and behavioral issues including, but not limited to most psychiatric diagnoses in the DSM-V that may be inhibiting a child or adolescent in their home and school environments. Patients are offered a weekly 1:1 contact with their Psychiatrist. Palm Shores Behavioral Health Center also provides individual and family therapy weekly. Group and Expressive Therapies are provided daily.   As needed, Individual Behavioral Analysis is offered through our Board Certified Behavior Analyst. If the child has co-occurring issues that include substance abuse, then that patient would be referred to our “7 Challenges Educational Curriculum” for treatment.

Our strength based-behavioral programming and phase system offers the opportunity for patients to access upper-level day rooms with privileges as phases are achieved throughout treatment. Patients can also go on supervised outings and earn therapeutic assignments home. Lodging includes comfortable living spaces and extensive outdoor activity areas including a large playground, a full-sized sports field, basketball, volleyball court and kickball field all enclosed with privacy screened fencing.